HVMN Ketone is a clinically validated superfuel that can be used to improve training, recovery, and performance.

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Looking forward to trying this! Samples welcome ✨ 😛
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@nivo0o0 of course ! Come on over to our HQ. Let’s test both your blood glucose and blood ketone levels before and after to see how HVMN Ketone immediately affects those 2 biomarkers
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@nivo0o0 @geoffreywoo Booking a flight right now!
@geoffreywoo What is the benefit of an ester vs salts?
@kkdub Ketone salts elevate ketones to about 0.3 - 1 mM BHB. As salt is a carrier, ketone salts have quite a high salt load (80+% RDA of sodium in a single serving) which triggers GI distress for some users. The BHB ketone ester raises ketones between 3-5 mM BHB. This is equivalent to 7-10 days of fasting worth of ketones. Diving one step further, if you look at the scientific literature, all the performance benefits of exogenous ketones were actually done by our research partners at the University of Oxford and NIH on our specific ketone ester in HVMN Ketone. In fact, emerging published data on ketone salts are showing that there's limited evidence for salts for athletic performance. In short, the evidence to date suggests that our ketone ester in HVMN Ketone is the real deal. Our Research Lead Dr. @BriannaStubbs recently published a paper investigating the kinetics of both salt and ester here if you'd like to see a formal whitepaper and discussion: https://www.frontiersin.org/arti...
@geoffreywoo lets! (seriously lets do this) 📊
I've known HVMN since it was called Nootrobox, a Nootropics company. With the rebranding to HVMN and the launch of HVMN Ketone, it's incredibly exciting to see the company evolve to now become an important pillar of the human performance and biohacking community. The research behind ketosis is very compelling, and I'm really excited to see how HVMN Ketone will impact people's productivity and health.
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@hnshah thank you for the longtime support ! Excited to finally unveil this to the world. I’ll be online tomorrow morning with my team including our Research Lead Dr. @briannastubbs to answer any and all questions on the science, technology, and data.
@hnshah Thanks so much for the support!
What a sexy video.
@beller @bdm_tastemakers did a tonne of hard work and I agree it looks great!
This might be just what I need for my fasting experiment!
@erickbarron86 yes, great fuel that helps smooth transition into endogenous ketosis
@erickbarron86 Great way to consume energy as ketones to help you make it through a fast without triggering insulin response
So it's one bottle per day? That's insanely expensive. 🤤
@erickbarron86 I️ know and it’s part of the scaling operation of a novel process. We have a roadmap to scale this to be as cheap and accessible as possible: https://hvmn.com/blog/introducin...
@erickbarron86 Erick, you can take one bottle per day, but you certainly don't have to! HVMN Ketone is designed to be used "as needed" for the big days you need it.
@erickbarron86 @bdm_tastemakers would love to see a bit more info on dosage! The website says a single serving is 25 grams, thats $22-33 per serving! Whats a realistic dosage for the main use cases? Would you do a full 25g before every workout? To kick start a keto diet, would you just take full doses it for 3 days straight and then supplement with smaller amounts from there?