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Love the concept and the video experience is really engaging, more immersive than our LIVE Chat videos right now, but this feels off: To be clear, I'm all for taking inspiration from others. We certainly have. But this looks like the CSS was lifted from
@rrhoover yeah looks pretty similar to something I've seen around here somewhere:
@rrhoover, it's Justin, one of the co-founders here. We were aiming for imitation being the sincerest form of flattery. No CSS or code was lifted but it is very close, and so we are making it a top priority to change it. Appreciate you bringing it up in such a nice way.
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@jwomers hm very close... Where did the inspiration for this page and idea come from? Is this the first time the comparison between the pages has been made and what has the general feedback been?
@jwomers just sent me and @bentossell an email apologizing for the design. As I told him privately, I really respect his response. Many people would immediately act defensive. Their new design looks far more unique and better, imho. Absolutely no hard feelings. Upvoted! 🙌
@rrhoover you rock, thanks for being so awesome as always.
Hi Product Hunters! I am the co-founder of Huzza with @nickste. After three months in private beta, we are publicly launching Huzza: a live-streaming platform for musicians. We've learned at lot working with hundreds of musicians and music fans to make the most engaging, fun and immersive performance platform out there. So, we’re super happy to share Huzza with you on Product Hunt today! Our goal is to enable musicians to create authentic & fun experiences for their fans (and make money too!). To do that, Huzza live-streams are: • Performed from the artist's home or recording studio for an online audience only • Have HD video and audio optimized for music • Combine music with live AMA-style Q&A between the artist and their fans We hope you like what we're working on, sign up to the next live-stream to see what it's like and if you're a musician, sign up to do a live-stream here:
Hey @rrhoover, it's Justin, one of the co-founders here. We were aiming for imitation being the sincerest form of flattery. No CSS or code was lifted but it is very close, and so we are making it a top priority to change it. Appreciate you bringing it up in such a nice way.
Hmmm interesting. I'm curious as to your content acquisition strategy, how do you capture new artists to join the site (including the ones you used in the beta)? Legal ramifications of the music produced over your service? - Do you (the service) own any part of the material produced and/or how does that work out for the artist? - How does it work out legally if the artists cover a (mainstream) song which you then broadcast ("Wonderwall" for example)? - How do you handle the royalty question if a bigger artist, for example Adele, might want to use your service? - Are the sessions live-only, or can they be recorded? If recorded, does your service provide further compensation to artists for the distribution of their material? If so, through royalties (or no royalties)? Don't mean to barrage you with questions, just trying to get an idea of how the legal end works so I could explain it to an artist I might meet at a show. :) And then just a curious question on my part, what gave you this idea and/or what made you want to create something like this? (Also, I think the link to your TOS and Privacy Policy might be buggy. Tried to go and read them, but was redirected to the homepage).
@adammarx13 Hi Adam - Huzza Co-founder here. Thanks so much for the excellent questions! We're in the process of finalizing the legal aspects, but broadly, Huzza will work like this: - By default, the artist will own the recording of their live-stream, but give Huzza permission to show replays of the stream. The artist will, however, have the option to disable Huzza replays on a per-stream basis. - We're working to get agreements setup with all of the PROs to get blanket coverage of cover's performed on Huzza. We'll announce this on our homepage as soon as it's finalized. - Currently we take a 30% commission on tips sent through Huzza. We'll likely reduce this amount for merchandise, and if Adele was willing to say hello from the other side, we'd probably be open to working something out :P - They are recorded and by default can be replayed unless disabled by artist. The rights get tricky with playback, so we're still figuring this out. We actually started out trying to figure out how to make artists money in an age where streaming makes them nothing. Our first iteration was an app that allowed you to send money directly to a SoundCloud or YouTube track's artist. We switched to focusing fully on live-streaming just over a month ago - the value proposition is a lot simpler and all the trends are converging on this space being a big opportunity. Thanks again for the great questions - please get in touch ( if you have any artists in mind.
Big fan LIVE chats and music - so this is a big win for me. I love how interactive and intimate it feels. Also love the new design. Props for updating so quickly and slickly, and taking feedback on constructively. 👏🎤