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Chris TungMaker@chptung · Co-founder of
Hey everyone, I made a new update to my side project, Huttle. This new feature pulls in entry-level jobs and internships from a few data sources. It was born out of the fact that I had no job experience while in college, and I wasn't sure where to start looking or even what to search. I hope this is useful for anyone looking to start their careers or make a new change.
Ming Ma@mingliangma · Founder at Kllect
Is this more of job aggregator?
Chris TungMaker@chptung · Co-founder of
@mingliangma For now, yes, but companies can also reach out to us and post their jobs directly onto Huttle. I'm also planning to add other features like filtering very soon.
Drew Shah@drewshah1234 · @drewshah1
I like how the idea is from your experience. Planning on adding more cities, which one is next?
Chris TungMaker@chptung · Co-founder of
@drewshah1234 Hey Drew! We just added more cities and the ability to filter by college major. Check it out:
Drew Shah@drewshah1234 · @drewshah1
@chptung Cool, will do. Thanks for the reply!