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Hey everyone, I made a new update to my side project, Huttle. This new feature pulls in entry-level jobs and internships from a few data sources. It was born out of the fact that I had no job experience while in college, and I wasn't sure where to start looking or even what to search. I hope this is useful for anyone looking to start their careers or make a new change.
Is this more of job aggregator?
@mingliangma For now, yes, but companies can also reach out to us and post their jobs directly onto Huttle. I'm also planning to add other features like filtering very soon.
I like how the idea is from your experience. Planning on adding more cities, which one is next?
@drewshah1234 Hey Drew! We just added more cities and the ability to filter by college major. Check it out:
@chptung Cool, will do. Thanks for the reply!