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We've built a real estate brokerage from the ground up to make your home buying process smooth, easy, and transparent.
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I'm seeing sooo many real-estate/home buying startups emerge lately. This is a very creative take on the market.
@rrhoover Thank you! Definitely seems like there's a third wave of RE startups (first one being Zillow/Trulia/Redfin, second one being Compass/Opendoor)! Guess RE comes next after Fintech for tech disruption :)
@rrhoover @abhiroop_cvk "companies are disrupting lending practices and real estate" sounds like something that could have been written in 2007. Are we just going to do this whole thing again?
Hey Product Hunt fam :) Thanks @katmanalac for hunting us! Rashid and I met in college and spent 2 years working on software for real estate brokerages. Our software helped manage over 2500 transactions, and over $600 million dollars in property. While it was a successful product, the most important thing we learnt was that in order to make the huge positive impact on y’all (home buyers/sellers/owners) that we wanted to, we needed to build a new brokerage from scratch that prioritizes your biggest pain points, while optimizing an internal brokerage model tech. Hence, our first biggest value proposition to you is being able to make a cash offer when buying your home. When you use one of our agents to purchase your next home, we’ll use our own cash to make an all-cash offer, buy your home and reserve it until your financing comes through. The average mortgage underwriting process takes 45-60 days, which turns sellers off. You can win a home for, on average, 5% cheaper and close much faster with an all-cash offer because it is much more lucrative to sellers. We want to give you the chance to make competitive offers, and save you a ton of the headache of home buying. Our business model is very simple and transparent. We keep our costs low, and remain profitable off of the standard agent commission that we collect from the seller. We put you on a 6 months lease at 1.35x fair market rent that terminates upon secured financing to cover our costs. We’re rolling out in Texas first, and will be coming to NYC and Bay Area markets shortly. If anyone has questions or feedback, we’d love to chat! We’ve been able to come this far only because of all the support of our peers and mentors, and would now love to garner your support so that we can continuously improve and bring you the perfect home buying, selling and ownership experience :)
My #1 obstacle to buying a home has been the lack of ability to make an all-cash offer. In NYC, nearly every winning offer is all-cash -- so this will be absolutely essential. Thrilled to see you coming to NYC, and please let me know when you get to LA as well. No brainer.
@mbsimon Thanks Michael! Definitely will do!
This is incredible! One of the biggest reservations with buying a home in highly competitive housing markets is the inability to make an upfront cash offer so this’ll go a long way for so many people! Can’t wait to see this expand across the country and even globally.
@araza617 We're really excited to help you with just that Ahmed!
This is fascinating! Not looking to buy a home quiet yet, but this feels especially important if I’m looking to do so in the Bay (specifically East Bay). When do you plan to expand to CA? And what’s the catch? Seems almost too good to be true 😉
@ben_stanfield Yes definitely! Bay area is a toughy :) Should be coming to CA by the end of the year! And there is no catch, our business model is simple :) As soon as you find a home, we negotiate for the best price on your behalf, and make a cash offer for you. We collect the standard agent commission from the seller, and you can move in immediately. We’ll put you on a 6 months lease for 1.35x fair market price, where the lease terminates as soon as you secure financing. This way, we can cover our costs, while you work to secure financing! We win when you win!