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Nice, @_jacksmith! I recognize many familiar faces on here. 😃 How are you creating these videos and choosing who to interview? Quick feedback: I think I'd prefer a list of all the videos on a single page to reduce the number of clicks to view each one, which is particularly more important when they're so short.
@rrhoover good point, thanks for the feedback. They're created by just using a Canon dslr camera and then just basic editing (full equipment list enclosed). Most of the time we just rented the equipment from Lumoid when we had an interview. With regards to who we interviewed, we started with a list of questions that we'd like to answer, then went to the people who we'd most like to hear the answers from. Eg Felipe was our real estate broker at Vungle, Shyp and Coin. Brad is Vungle's lawyer etc. but for others, like Chris from @clerkyinc, I just love the product and thus thought he'd be the best placed to talk about FF Preferred Stock. Equipment list (majority rentable via Lumoid for about $50 a day or so): - Sennheiser ew 122-p G3 Wireless System with ME4 - Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens - Tripod - Canon T5i camera - LED video lighting
hey, this is something that I worked on with @michaeltyrimos - interviewing some startup founders; investors and more, about topics such as how to get into incubators (e.g. Y-Combinator). Let us know what you think
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Solid insights here already. Great stuff - Looking forward to seeing what else you have in store!
Hey @_jacksmith glad to see you got this out. Looking forward to rolling through it.