Hustle Panda

Highly curated brandable .com domains for startups.

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Hustle Panda is a collection of highly curated brandable .com domains for startups.

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Rob Hope
Rob HopeMaker@robhope · Maker. Surfer. Optimist.
Hey Product Hunters! I've had such fun creating Hustle Panda :-) Hustle Panda is a website where you can buy a short brandable .com domain. No numbers. No hyphens. No bidding. All .com domains are under $1000 and instantly securable. I’ve got a string of blog posts related to Hustle Panda (character, direction, marketplace, influences) rolling out this week. It’s been such fun working on the cheeky Panda branding and copy. A brief why, when, how… I still think no domain extension beats a dot com. Problem is people sit on these domains for two reasons: 1 - To make a lot of money because they are basically a depleting commodity 2 - They have a potential side project that the domain could be used for I’m definitely guilty of the second. So what I did over the past holiday season was approach all my tech/maker/dev connections and asked if they want to declutter their domain list and help startups that need good branding. With the $1k cap on the domain prices it prevents bigger domain players from getting involved and keeping the service niche for new startups. The outcome is a very simple fresh One Page website with a simple list of .com domains and FAQs. I’m trying to put a refreshing take on a very dirty domain-buying industry and really stoked with the outcome so far. Hope you dig it – please send any feedback what-so-ever!
James RT
James RT@jrosstreacher
Nice one, for something that should be easy, finding a .com is very hard ... and Paul Graham recommends that US companies should change their name if they can't get a .com
Rob Hope
Rob HopeMaker@robhope · Maker. Surfer. Optimist.
@jrosstreacher Agreed, it's not easy at all. Great link James - nice one!