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Hello! I’m Simone, the founder of Hustle Mode ON! First of all, I wanna thank @kwdinc for the Hunt! I’m very surprised, but obv very happy :) The idea behind Hustle Mode On is really simple and was obv inspired by @bramk’s Startup Stash and @craigjbarber Maker Book With these 130 resources and tools, I would like to help makers and digital hustlers to save time and be more productive while they're working on their projects. So, I featured the best apps to help you meditate, create new habits, sleep better and boost your focus while you're working 12/14 hours every day to achieve the success you deserve. I personally tried a lot of these tools in my journey, so I thought I could share them and hopefully help someone to become more productive and to be able to hustle 24/7/365 . If you have any feedbacks, just drop me a message and I’ll be happy to connect and discuss! Best from Italy!
@shashwatpradhan thanks Shaswhat! Congrats on your launch too 🙃
@daftsimo @kwdinc @bramk Well done Simone. Got my up vote ; )
@daftsimo @kwdinc @bramk @craigjbarber Thanks for this Simone! Could you maybe add on this list, under "improved focus"?
With so much noise and millions of apps out there --- stuff like this is vital - thanks for putting this together... so useful.
@samir_doshi Thanks Sam! that was my intention :) We're a bit overwhelmed these days, so I tried to put only the best!
@daftsimo you're doing the work for us - no complaints haha
@samir_doshi happy to help ;)
I just found this because I have a Google Alert for "productivity tools", believe it or not! Note: the blue box with the "we are what we repeatedly do" quote directs to hustlemode, not Looks cool, will follow!
@anndiab you're right Ann! Thanks for the feedback 🙏🏻
Well done Simone. I really like the name. Was StartupStash your only influence? Ha ha props where their due mate ; )
@craigjbarber oh man! So you're alive :) How you doing?
@daftsimo Good. Yeah I've been away for a while... thinking, reading, analysing... : )
You should add 'Breathe' for meditation apps. I use it and it's really good IMO!. thanks for doing this