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I never unfriend people on Facebook. I'm curious how common friend "culling" is. Related: unfollow people on Twitter with Twindr.
@rrhoover I think we had a typo! This lets you unfollow people from facebook, not unfriend them! Thanks for checking it out! It's trivial to make the app unfriend, but my research showed that most people preferred to unfollow.
@_willfalcon would prefer unfriend!
@rrhoover I love Twindr (found on PH a few weeks ago) was lets you unfollow on Twitter using swipe. Really enjoying it. I've always wanted any easy way to cull some friends on Facebook. I like this idea.
@paulgeller Easy enough, I guess we can give the choice on the next update!
@paulgeller @_willfalcon Agreed. Would rather unfriend!
Awesome. FB / Twitter /Linkedin should all buy/fund platforms that do this.. otherwise they are going to lose people to new startups as a result of the massive noise problem already present on their platforms. I previously wrote about this topic: http://www.drewmeyersinsights.co...
Definitely a fan of the "tinderification" of these types of things. It makes this otherwise tedious task borderline fun. Good work.
Facebook just asked to take the app down. I'll let you know what happens over the next few hours.
Thank you guys for checking Hushbook out! Have fun clearing out your newsfeed without letting your friends know! Let me know if you have feature suggestions.
@_willfalcon I'd like it to unlike pages I dont even remember liking...