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Hey hunters, I’m Raj, CEO of Hurdlr (thanks for hunting us @hnshah). We’re really excited to launch on Product Hunt so we can get some of your feedback. All of our team members will be able to answer your questions, but if your question is for a specific person, let us know. Our app is available on Android and iOS. If you’re curious to try it out, grab a copy and send us your thoughts. WHAT IS HURDLR? Hurdlr is a mobile finance app for independent workers. We have 2 apps: 1 for on-demand workers (i.e. Uber drivers) with quite a bit of traction, and this one on Product Hunt. Our latest app – for Speakers, Authors, and other experts, is built to allow 1099 recipients to manage their finances on the go. Hurdlr then works in the background to calculate taxes and finances automatically, so when tax time comes around, you can be sure that you haven’t left any money on the table. WHO WE ARE We’re an 11-person startup based out of Washington D.C. at the original LivingSocial HQ. Anu (brother, CTO) and I previously worked together at VisualHOMES, a real estate software platform that managed over 1 million residents and hundreds of thousands of residential housing units for subsidized housing programs across North America. I was CEO and Anu was Director of R&D. In August 2010, VisualHOMES was acquired by Yardi Systems, a global leader in real estate software solutions. Now we’re back with an awesome team (including former team members at VisualHOMES) to tackle what we believe is a growing issue for a rapidly growing segment of entrepreneurs. WHY WE'RE DIFFERENT We focus on customer service first. It’s very difficult to find apps that provide quick support via chat and email. We do both, in-app. (Our reviews on the driver app speak for themselves) The Hurdlr app provides multiple income stream management that provides you accurate tax estimations and a simple, easy export feature, where you can email reports to yourself or your CPA. Unlike traditional finance software, we’ve taken a mobile-only approach per the advice of our early users, and we hope you agree too. We’re all looking forward to hearing your feedback and questions. :)
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@raj_bhaskar @hnshah looking forward to the Q&A
@raj_bhaskar @hnshah Looks like a great product! What kind of other jobs / experts are you looking to do? in the future?
@jaronoff Thanks! Lots of different types of freelancers, solopreneurs, and independent professionals, including people who might not typically consider themselves a "freelancer". For example, we're coming out with an app custom-tailored to Airbnb Hosts, since they have to manage 1099 income/expenses. The goal here is to tailor fit apps to specific types of independent professionals, that way it's not "one size fits all". We want to solve the unique needs of each industry, not force you to learn how to become an accountant. What industries do you think this kind of app would be best suited for?
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@raj_bhaskar @hnshah Looking forward to using Hurdlr!
Finances can be daunting for many of us. I've been watching the Hurdlr product for a while now and I'm excited to see their app extended to more and more different types of freelancers, consultants and 1099 folks.
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Congrats on being hunted guys! Huge fan of how you guys are taking a much more "verticalized" approached towards managing finances. Would love to learn more about the thought process around how you guys select and prioritize verticals to build for!
@charleyma Thanks Charley! There are so many factors that go into it. For starters, who can we help out the most (i.e. who can get the most value out of our app)? Who needs the most help? What verticals do people identify with? How successfully can we target a particular vertical (because if we can't target a specific vertical, then inherently we can't help people in that vertical)? Also, we're going for long-term growth, so we want to make sure we expand in a controlled fashion, ironing out all the kinks along the way. The beauty is that our first app, for on-demand drivers, had the same Tax Engine (for 50 states + DC) that's in this app; so our platform is fully tested and vetted. But taxes-aside, different verticals will obviously have different needs, and we want to address those.
@anu_bhaskar @charleyma The approach is interesting but also confusing. I'm a 1099 consultant that's neither an Uber driver or Speaker/Author. Which app do I use?
@melvinmt Thanks for the feedback. I recommend you download the Speaker/Author app for now; and be on the lookout for something more tailored to your specific needs in the coming months. May I ask, what type of 1099 consultant are you?
@anu_bhaskar Alright will try that one. I'm in software engineering / startup consulting.
@melvinmt Makes sense. I'm in Software Engineering too :)
I've been using an early release of this product, and it's really nice. Very easy to use, great reports so that I can see where I stand - both from a tax and profit perspective, and I can look at my income streams individually so that I understand each part of my business (books, speaking, etc).
@djbressler Thanks David. We were/are lucky to have you on our Early Access Team.
I was able to play with a beta of this product before it was live and it's great. Seamless, great UI. Easy to use and fills a huge gap in the marketplace. Excited for Raj and the Hurdlr team.
@clayhebert Thanks Clay. Glad you're getting value out of Hurdlr. Thanks for testing out the beta! We definitely share your excitement in what the future holds.