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Hi there, I'm the maker of hunting cabin. I've been a regular user of PH for about two months and figured this was missing. We love to have a look at PH every day, probably several times a day. But on big days, it can get noisy and you can't just go through all comments for all posts to see if something you care about is discussed. And then, there are those days where you're just too busy. Hunting cabin allows to easily set alerts, so you can make sure you won't miss what you care about when it happens. Alerts are sent hourly, so you'll even have a chance to interact. Hope you will find this useful, ask me anything!
Awesome idea! Looking forward to using it for anything that comes up that is beer-related. :)
@claudeb_mit Thanks Claude. Can be used without moderation ;)
Once again...this is awesome!!! :-) As you know slight biased... ;)
I totally agree with you, but might be a bit biased as well ^^
Exactly what I needed :)