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Last week Spotify launched Musical Map of the World 2.0, a site highlighting the most popular songs across the world. I tweeted: Of course, @haktansuren followed up with a link to this project, highlighting the most upvoted products in specific cities around the world. Awesome. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
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@rrhoover Hey Ryan, Thanks so much for sharing!
So is this a map of where people have hunted products from? Because I don't see anything in Cardiff πŸ€” Or is it based on number of people upvoting things from that place?
@bentossell exactly i've hunted like 10 billion things
Thanks for the comment @bentossell.I know the name is kinda misleading :). This is actually based on upvotes. I am thinking to have another version based on makers and hunters as well. Stay tuned!
@haktansuren got it!! yeah I was just wondering what it was based on :)
@bentossell same here. Nothing in Marseille, France even though I know a lot of people using it in my area.
@rfreling The location information is being collected via Twitter API. Hence, only those who have a location info in their profile can make into this map. I recommend you to check the site regularly as it updates frequently.
Great work @haktansuren, would be awesome to be able to specify a time frame. e.g see most upvoted by place yesterday.
@oscargemorrison That's a great idea. I will surely implement that in future as well. Thanks!
I am from Melbourne and I dont see a much there :(
@saijo_george I would give it some time, there might some missing data caused by the recent downtime of PH API. Btw, I do see data from Melbourne, you may have to zoom in, the text overlaps the node :) Let me know...