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I'm interested in how this could evolve into an 'integration finder' for ecosystems. E.g. what would help me get best out of my Stripe account: @denlunev what do you think?
@lukekndy Yeah, it's a good idea. I'm going to create a category for MailChimp soon, what other product's ecosystem you'd like to see?
@denlunev off the top of my head: Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, AdWords, Xero, Basecamp
@lukekndy Put this list to my todo.
@AnujAdhiya Ok, in the list as well.
Looks like this kind of thing could be an integrated PH feature. It's nice. Love the idea of building your own collection. How about sponsored collections? I could see someone like Rackspace sponsoring ..... or maybe sponsored contests for product makers?
Excellent! I asked for something like a Product Vault (just like this) in the Product Hunt survey last week - and here it is! :)
Denis this is really neat. How do ya'll think we should think about tagging at PH - allow community to tag? get mechanical turks to tag?
@eriktorenberg How does tagging work now? Does tagging exist?
@lukekndy not yet, but it's on the road map :)
@eriktorenberg Yeah, I was thinking about creating a chrome extension to allow tagging, something like this –
@eriktorenberg pinterest did a good job in the early days by having a callout at the top for people to choose "Is this XYZ category like the OP says?" So it was crowdsourced by the community that wanted to just click a button
Very cool. There should be a permanent link to this from PH imo.