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When we started building Press Kite for the Hackathon I realized there was nowhere to post it outside of my own Twitter! Huntathon is a project built in Carrd and Airtable to promote and catalog all Project Hunt Hackathon projects. Feel free to add as as you build and let me know if you have any changes you'd like made by emailing me. 🐯

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Hey! πŸ‘‹ I built Huntathon to help organize some of the Hackathon projects like Press Kite that I and a few of my friends are competing with. Hopefully, it helps raise a bit of awareness about your project! It's completely free to submit and browse (try browsing by categories), hit me up with any questions or feedback! πŸ™Œ
@frantzlight Cool πŸ‘ŠπŸ½
@frantzlight curious why Wallet List doesn't show?
@sethlouey Hey Seth, are you building Wallet List as part of the Product Hunt Hackathon? If so, you're welcome to add it here Submit
@frantzlight yeah, we built it and launched the project on Day 1

seemless integration of carrd + airtable


straightforward & simple


more sorting/filtering/ratings would be nice

Thanks Sameer! What additional options would you like to see? πŸ€”
It looks like you can sort and filter by every single field in the table, so I definitely see sorting/filtering as a pro, not a con.
Hello Sameer. You may like upcoming I made for the similar purpose with seacrh and filter. Do check and let me know if we are missing your favourite project. :D Find Upcoming @-

Great work! πŸ‘ Looking forward to seeing more projects here.


It's a great way to browse through all the incredible Hackathon projects that people are working on.


I agree with Sameer - more filtering options need to be added, but it's still quite new!

This really looks like a Ben Tossell website :p
@theashtube I'll take that as a compliment! cc @bentossell