Hunt a Killer

Interactive mystery and unannounced monthly deliveries

This product/monthly subscription will most likely appeal to those who follow true crime shows / podcasts (like Serial), or love watching crime dramas (like The Fall). Note that the Serial podcast isn't about a serial killer, however. "Have you ever wanted to be a detective? Are you fascinated by what makes a Serial Killer tick? Do you find clues where others don't? Now is your chance to put your skills to the test, and see if you can catch a killer. Hunt A Killer is a monthly membership that spins dark tales for you to untangle. You will enter the mind of a serial killer complete with clues, codes, and ciphers. Each month you will receive items to aid your investigation: correspondence to interpret, objects to explore, and messages to analyze. Nothing is as it seems. Like a detective, you must look closely at all the evidence and think outside the box. Join our community and work together to solve a mystery. We dare you to develop an intimate relationship with our Killer. He might send you a captivating article, a meaningful photograph, or a trinket of curiosity. It’s your job to make sense of it all. Each month our Killer Curator sends you items to investigate. A typical package consists of:
  • aide in your investigation.
  • ponder; puzzle pieces to solve; things to set on your nightstand and haunt your dreams.
  • Correspondence...and follow his letters closely, as he takes you into his world."