An unofficial Android app for Product Hunt

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I think most of the people in product hunt use iPhones. The few android users we thank you! I don't understand why the app ask for login but you cannot vote or comment. Maybe a bug?
Hey @jorgemf Thanks for you interest :D we ask for login so we can provide your personal notifications , we are currently working in getting write access to PH API cause for the moment we just got read-only access.
@claushellsing Thanks for clarification. I really want to be able to vote, hope you get the write access soon. I have also shared your App in AppHunt, hope it helps to get some users too.
Awesome. Any limitations compared to web?
@manikarthik we have read-only access to the PH API, We'll be in touch with the PH team for that and maybe make the app even better :D.
@hosmelq Crashed couple of times when it took me to the profile page. FYI.
@manikarthik thanks for the feedback , we are currently monitoring the app and how behave in diferents enviroments to try to solve any problem detected.
@hosmelq Cool. All the best.
Seems like a good first version. I've been using Jager, but the design of this app seems a bit nicer and easier to navigate. I'll definitely add more feedback once I get some decent usage out of it!
Great! Looks like real PH app. One thing: login doesn't work on Oneplus One, Android 5.1.1
@druh_opryshok thanks for the feedback, we definitely going to check it out what is wrong over there
Hey guys, thanks for your interest, We'd really appreciate any feedback you have! We are currently working in improving the app, correcting any bug found or reported.