Dribbble for designers

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I thought dribbble was for designers already?
@_jacksmith Sort of. Dribbble is pretty circular/filled with lots of pats-on-the-back — the community is mostly positive but without substance. I personally don't like the metaphor of basketball, and I really dislike the nature of the image cropping (though there are plenty of good reasons to disagree with me). Of course, Hunie is actually a different product—it's a place to see design, critique/be critiqued, and learn about design. Dribbble doesn't accomplish any of these, it's simply a showcase of art. A big part of Hunie is discussing the goals of the design, how designs will work, and how they can be improved from a functional standpoint.
Isn't this kinda like ?
@UXAndrew Yes, it seems like the goal of Forrst is similar, but from my casual browsing (right this second) there are a few noticeable differences: - I can't see any comments on Forrst / Hunie places the comments over the actual design, so in practice it's the same as a in person critique (where long conversations will be based on a single pixel of the design or on the entirety of the design) - Forrst looks to require paragraphs of text description—at least the few featured designs I saw had this. That's great! Hunie usually has a few sentences to a few paragraphs (and to the detriment of and benefit of some of the designs, no description at all). There are probably tons of other features that are different, I couldn't tell if Forrst supported versioning at all or not, etc. Maybe I can't see the Forrst for the trees and they are even more different than I described. (Oh god, I'm so sorry). Of course, the biggest differentiator in this case is the community, which we all experience individually.