Creating bookmarks for your files, and webs on the Mac

#5 Product of the DayOctober 20, 2019
Hungrymark is a app that provides quick access to your collected URLs, local favorite files, folders, and apps.
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I am an independent developer. I often spend a lot of time searching for information, and I need to collect the webpage and local files, server files, and quickly switch between these materials, I had been used to do it in Evernote, but I found it's still not convenient. In fact, my demand is to collect resource path, and quickly access them, I wrote a small app to collect these links, the app was originally not intended to be published to AppStore, it's just a self-use tool, but the app is really easy to use, my wife is also using the app, every time she said that the app is so convenient, We should publish it to the AppStore. So I take several days, make icons, unify the UI looking, write help documents, and make a lot of optimization to adjustments the app, Today the app (Hungrymark) is on sale now
@zhengyingok 从v2ex来支持你
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out! Would you mind adding one for windows too?
@ayush_chandra thanks it's good idea, tray icon app in windows
Seems eerily similar to Apptorium’s Workspaces: What differences do you see, as the developer?
@brandonhull I just tried workspaces, I think Hungrymark is the more lightweight app, if you have a try you will found Hungrymark is work so fast and convenient, the folder can automatic expansion, and support define multi-level group, we make the core function simplify and fast, and the killer feature "plugin support" is on the way, please pay attention to our product updates.
@zhengyingok That's fair, good comments. Good luck!
I just bought it very nice idea ;)
Looks like something that I really need! Definitely will give this a try. :)
@liching_hoe thanks for your attention.