Hunger Crunch

Fight Hunger in a Game... And The Real World Too

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Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith@whale · Designer | Inventor | Entrepreneur
This is one of my favorite apps to come out this year. WHY?! Because its freaking baller. I can't believe you can play a game for social good. I'm so proud of my friends Bryan, Rob, Omni, and Dodd for building this.
Bryan Martin
Bryan MartinMaker@bryanrmartin · Director of Design and Branding
@whale Thanks Matthew!
Rob Wright
Rob WrightMaker@f1fe · One Quarter Ninja LLC
Hey, I'm the developer on the Hunger Crunch team. We're part of Rice Bowls (, a non-profit that covers the food costs in 54 orphanages around the world. This is our first video game. We'd love to know what you think!