Automated status pages for everyone.

how's it compare to
@_jacksmith The biggest benefit over is that our platform's design focuses on automation through integrations with third parties. pages can only be automated through their direct integration with PagerDuty, or by parsing email notifications (from services like New Relic or Pingdom). We have the ability to add countless integrations with third parties for both monitoring and notifications. Branding is important for companies, so we've chosen to offer complete white-labeling on our single plan. We leverage Let's Encrypt so that status pages can be instantly configured to use a secure custom domain. These are just a few of the key differences, our features section outlines these and more.
@_jacksmith I feel it's necessary to revisit this question after more than a year of product development on We have been hard at work developing Hund full-time. Since my last reply, we've released our integrated monitoring service, which provides a rock-solid and reliable monitoring service right within a status page. Hund has support for powerful custom metrics, and has a uniquely powerful issue timeline. We're also one of the only status page providers with proper high-availability infrastructure. The last thing we want to have happen is for your status page to be down. Hund now provides services to Fortune 500's, multinationals, and leading universities.
With Hund, you won't have to worry about updating your status page when downtime strikes, as their automated status checker will do it for you! Choose from a variety of watchdogs to monitor your status page, such as, Pingdom, AWS Cloudwatch, webhooks, and more to come. With rich and detailed metrics displayed for every component of your service, users will understand your service's current performance without further explanation.Customize your status page to the letter with custom CSS, logos, and favicons at no extra charge. Hund automatically alert your users of status changes. Let your users know what's going on (without pressing "send") over Twitter, Email, SMS, webhooks, and others. Allows you to let your users know your current progress in fixing downtime. Scheduled issues make planned maintenance a breeze, notifying users when maintenance is approaching.
Pretty cool. Rather reasonable pricing as well. May i ask why "Hund"? It is the german word for dog if anyone is wondering.
@talkb1nary Thanks! I'm a bit late here, but for future reference: You're exactly right. We chose the German word for dog as our name because we felt it was unique, and brandable. Like a barking dog, our service alerts you and your users when things are abnormal. This is also why our mascot, Rolf, is a dog.