Monitor your performance in Slack

Hunch is the fastest way to check on all PPC campaigns across Facebook and Adwords at once.

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Looks like this could be a pretty cool in-house tool. Now that we're in more and more client's slack teams, it could be a big plus to give updates there too. Looking forward to seeing how useful this is.
@hgsigala that's actually the biggest pain point some of our agency customer point out that Hunch solves. They invite Hunch to every dedicated client channel and add all campaigns from different networks to that channel. One place where you start your optimization from. Thanks for your support. Look forward to learning more about your team.
@ziggy_rakovic Looking forward to getting an invite
How soon will you be launching? So... You are giving me a notification about my ad spend through Slack? What makes this better than receiving an email or text message (e.g AdHawk)? Who is your target audience? What makes Hunch better than any other ad tracking platforms? Dope Product! Really excited to hear your answers ;-)
@dredurr Hey De'Andre, thanks for your support 👊. We're in private beta right now. I'd love to learn more about your process of managing multiple campaigns on different networks and how you think that process could be automated.