Hum your favourite songs for others to guess

People always hum songs when they are happy 😺. So why not share this happiness with other people and have more fun in the process? Hum songs and send them to others to guess the song name πŸŽ™. You can also guess what others are humming to earn points and climb the leader-board. Come on board and let's create a community of happy humming people πŸ™Œ

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Hi Product hunters πŸ™Œ I present to you the first project of my own that I actually managed to launch, is a mobile app that lets you record yourself while humming your favourite songs and then you can share this with the other users to see if they guess the song. You can always browse what other people hummed and try to guess the songs as well. You can earn points by guessing songs or by getting your hum liked by other people πŸ† Background story πŸ“° This project started off as a challenge to myself to build and launch a product in a week. I am the kind of person that starts a lot of things and never actually releases anything. was born out of that challenge and I'm still developing it since I received so much positive feedback until now. This is also my first launch on Product Hunt and I'll be super happy if people can share any kind of feedback with me πŸ™ Also, feel free to check out the articles above to read the full story behind the challenge and how I got to be #9 in HN after I posted there. Say hi if you drop by here πŸ‘‹

Simple, easy to use platform with lots and lots of potential. In it's early phases yet but a definite 'watch this space' kind of app. Looking forward to more users getting involved!


Great , well made little app with tonnes of fun involved !


More users are needed to heat up the competition.