Humi HR

Free, cloud-based HR software for startups

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Thanks for hunting Robleh! Excited to hear people's feedback, and happy to answer any questions about the product :)
I've been using Humi for the past few weeks and already can't see myself going back to the old way. It's saved me from Google Spreadsheet hell. Humi HR is available to Canadian startups/companies.
@robjama just curious if you're willing to share your former HR solution.
@stephenalan We're using mainly a combination of Trello and a bunch of spreadsheets. I looked at some paid HR platforms but nothing really stuck.
I've been an early beta user of @Humi, and it has saved me tons of times and simplified our HR process. Both Matt and Kevin have been super helpful, and roll out features almost as fast as i can request them.
I was with ya 'til ya asked what province my company is in. No good maple-pushers, always being... famously friendly and... slightly chilly! @robjama @mattloszak @kkliman
Love the Silicon Valley reference on the screens, looking forward to try this out.