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Andreas Pizsa
Andreas PizsaHunter@andreaspizsa
Could be the "Wordpress" of social networks
Bryce Adams
Bryce Adams@bryceadams · Founder of Metorik
@andreaspizsa That'd be Buddypress :)
Ross Currie
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, Brutal TearDowns
@bryceadams @andreaspizsa I've given serious consideration to using BuddyPress to solve my problem... I love Wordpress, and use it wherever it's practical, but in this case I just don't think Wordpress is really suited to being a social network. One day I hope wordpress will transition from "a blog engine you can do other stuff on" to being a full web engine.
Ross Currie
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, Brutal TearDowns
Have played with the demo a bit and my first impression is that it currently seems like a great replacement for a corporate yammer network, but that it's probably still a bit limited in features for what I need.
Romain Dardour
Romain Dardour@rdardour · Co-founder,
@rossdcurrie You might want to try @hull - another approach : Centralize User Identities. have SSO + Social Login + Crossdomain, and add lightweight engagement mechanics anywhere in minutes by just building their UI - Big customer bases, Web scale tested :)
Ross Currie
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, Brutal TearDowns
@rdardour @hull Probably the opposite direction to what I'm after, to be honest. The closest I've got so far is a BuddyPress installation + then I'll need to build some plugins on top of it. I really don't like the idea of building a social network on top of Wordpress though.
Ross Currie
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, Brutal TearDowns
Oh man, the timing of this is AMAZING. I have a network of phpBB forums that I've been looking to tie together into a single network for a while. I was just looking through what was available yesterday and was so disappointed by the things I've found. The challenge I think is that it's new... which means limited userbase, limited featureset and limited theme/plugin availability. There's also the risk that I build up my network and then the project is abandoned in 2 year's time For all that, definitely checking it out.
Mark Pors
Mark Pors@pors · Co-founder
Amazing tool! Weird it isn't better known. Needs more votes :)