Humbot is your personal tutor and can help you with science questions. It's great to better understand school stuff. Just start chatting on Facebook Messenger

Humbot for Slack delivers a weekly science explainer right in your Slack channel.

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Hello there 👋 I am a founder of Humbot and today we are launching our Slack App. We had launched earlier this year on Product Hunt with our native apps ( Our goal at Humbot is to make science as easy to understand as possible. We want it to be as fun and engaging as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are. We are publishing science explainers in an engaging form in our native apps, web, and now also Slack 🎉 But this is just the start - we will be adding more features soon (e.g. asking science questions to scientists). Give it a spin and let us know what you think. Also, if you have any science questions you want to be answered, feel free to ask here :-)
Looks awesome! Can't wait for the ability to ask questions! Great job!
@nrmadi Thanks Nathan! Working on the questions right now :-)
@nrmadi Hey Nathan, a quick update for you: We just launched the questions feature on our website. It's still very rudimentary (we wanted to get something out rather early than late). Let me know what you think.
@canolcer Cool. I will definitely check it out! Thanks for the update!