Humanising Autonomy

Book on autonomous vehicle design by ustwo Auto

ustwo Auto believes that autonomous vehicle makers should build from the ground up and, vitally, on principles of human-centred design, rather than listening to a technical perspective alone. This book presents research findings and design principles to help achieve that.

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Hey Tim! What a fun project - what inspired you to put this together? Who is your intended audience?
@nickabouzeid Hey Nick, thanks for the questions. We've always been interested in the auto industry at ustwo Auto, of course, and over the past couple of years as the hot topic of autonomous vehicles raised its head, we realised that people were focussing on technical feasibility and city infrastructure, rather than the people, or user-centred design. Do people actually want this? What do they want? What are their mobility needs and how can AVs support that? We decided to write a book exploring exactly these questions. The intended audience would be decision makers and designers in the industry, mainly working on autonomous vehicles and the services around it. We want this to be a conversation starter with our peers and fellow designers. We also challenge some policy and regulation in the book, as well as ideas of ethics, so we'd like a broad range of interested parties to join in!