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Hey everyone, we’ve recently extended our platform with a tool especially made for artists to connect to our vast network of music bloggers, A&R’s, radio makers, bookers, etc. It allows you to present your music to these influencers and get extensive personal feedback in return. It's the best way to get exposure on and beyond HumanHuman. Learn more about the tool here:
Hopefully we can get @sennevdb in here to tell us a bit about HumanHuman 😃 Really intrigued to see so many big names that were discovered here several years ago...
@bentossell bad timing maybe? I think the team are at Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris right now.
Interesting, although I'm not clear on the point. The use of the word 'discovery' seems pretty liberal, as all these artists were discovered outside the site. Most are months old in terms of their breakouts. And anyone can join, so how do I judge the value of the content and lists/trends? Pegging posts to their Lastfm listener count's interesting; I'd be interested in other platforms (people still use Lastfm?).
@dshan Hi Derek! We don't scrape music blogs or websites to automatically find discoveries. All discoveries are manually added by registered users. It's true that is currently our sole source for determining the artists' popularity, but we will integrate more sources (YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, etc…) in the near future.
Very well done @sennevdb. I see some artists, like alt-J, that were discovered 4 years ago. For how long have you been doing this?
@antoinem 4 years. :) It's been an after-work project for a long time and only transformed into a real company in the summer of this year.