Human UX Sounds

Humanize your UX with sounds that your users can relate to

A UX sound library made completely by humans to make your applications more human.
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The audio quality is quite low. I do like the idea of more organic sounds. Unsure if human made once are the solution.
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@ianwijma Hey Ian! thanks for checking it out - can i ask what device you're using to listen to the sounds?
Hi Product Hunt! Excited to share this UX sound library. Most UX sounds are synthetic and machine-like, I wondered if I could make high quality sounds myself. It's a trend to have "These people/images/x do not exist," where machines and AI generate everything for you, so I figured why don't we go in the opposite direction and use ourselves to make the most relatable UX sounds. Would love to know what you think! You can see exactly how all the sounds are made on the site. Thanks, Shah P.S. The beautiful illustrations are from icons8.
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@shah_med Very nice, I'll put them soon on good job very funny sounds.
@sandochee Wow, that's an honor! I'll even expand and re-record higher quality audio when that happens. Thank you for checking it out.
Audio quality is pretty bad - listening to the previews on the site, you can hear the room ambience behind each of the sounds. And listening to the sounds themselves, when they say "human sounds", they literally mean sounds made by humans. Mouth noises and such. It's all very unappealing.
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@tkware Hi Mikey! I appreciate you checking it out. I agree with the quality - I’ll likely re record with a real microphone and master it.
@shah_med This is great, I'm thinking about implementing some of these into my ios app ;)
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Pop and Tick are exactly what I was look for one of our new launches! Thank you for helping!
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