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After our very first release for Android earlier this week (http://producthunt.com/tech/huma...) we're excited to release Human 7 for iOS with a new feature: Human Pulse. Human Pulse let's you compare your everyday activity with other people on Human in your city and neighborhood. We help you to answer the question: "Am I doing enough?". Human tracks over 100M activities every month and with Human Pulse we bring realtime activity data into the app, building layers of Human activity on top of your city. Looking forward to your questions. More info: https://medium.com/@pveugen/huma...
Very cool stuff! Love the idea of using social proof to motivate you. Outta curiosity how are you guys handling the inherent problem of some users feeling defeated when they see leaderboards? From exercise apps to mobile games it seems like that is always a hurdle. More specifically, leaderboards (usually) end up mostly motivating the top X percent of people because they are the only one that see themselves as "having a chance at winning"? Do you guys do any kinda magic to show the user "elastic leaderboards" or something where I always feel like I have a shot at moving up? Gorgeous app though! I love the minimalist, black design and the overall theory of making fitness more about people and less about numbers :)
@eighttwo_three Thanks Chris! The interesting thing about tracking everyday activity, that there's a nice distribution of minutes for users. The top positions of the leaderboard might be dominated by the crazy ones, but to get to the middle ranges, you just have to do something. The moment you log some minutes, you'll start climbing the leaderboard pretty fast. We also try to focus on relative measures, so you can compare yourself from day to day.
@pveugen cool stuff! Thanks for the reply. I just downloaded and will definitely give it a shot :)
6 makers involved. Cool Paul. I like the idea of accountability by comparing what you do with others around you. Will give it a go. Upvoted mate. Well done
I am happy to report I discovered this in my iOS update for human and have really enjoyed it. ๐Ÿ‘ Now you need to improve the clubs function.
@roamlocally Thanks for the feedback Paul. Stay tuned, plenty more lined up...