Human Or AI

Can you guess which image is of a real person vs AI?

This website uses two datasets provided by NVIDIA, one of real people the other is generated using Machine learning, These people don't exist in real life.

This website gives you the chance to test your ability to distinguish the two.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Damn, this thing is like everyone’s new obsession 😃

Would love to see more site like this.


Fun and enjoyable sites bringing friends into a good discussion on who is real or not. Can be super tricky at times!


Trying to reduce the amount of obviously fake humans that make it too easy.

Great showcase of what GANs can do. So did you pull images from an existing training set or did you generate them yourself? I've launched Facerank earlier this week, and thinking of integrating some AI generated / enhanced features in. Might be cool to brainstorm and collab 👋
@ksaitor Thanks, no I used the same datasets the NVIDIA team used. Congrats on your Facerank launch, Let me know if you have any idea in mind :)