Human IPO

Invest in people you believe in

Human IPO is a marketplace for investing in people. Discover the most promising individuals you believe in. Buy, sell and exchange human equity backed by future time.
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happy to be the in the list ! good luck!
@goldman_artem Thanks Artem, happy to have you here!
So with your platform people can capitalize themselves by selling future time? Sounds like a cool concept. Website has a really cool design too. Upvoted!
@msteinberg_ Hi Michael, yes that's right. Just imagine you've bought 1h of Evan Spiegel or Taylor Swift 5 years ago? What would be the price of this time now? :)
@msteinberg_ @kirillgoryunov Except for the fact that, 1) legally there isn't ANY liable mechanism that can enforce the fulfilling of that obligation, and 2) there is nothing any more subjective than "1 hour" of someone's time. I'm sorry mate but I couldn't even think of dreaming this one up with you. #aftershockshock
@msteinberg_ @kirillgoryunov @lyondhur please see my other comment to your concerns.
@alehin77 Hi Andy, yes we connected with Mike - in his case it was completely different story :) In our model investors cannot vote or control something.
@alehin77 i don't know if I would say "sad" exactly...
I would glad to join the list as well, I always think about myself as about a company. Paul Graham has good example of this idea with Octopart company - You just can't give up or die because people invest in you. Good Luck!
@anatolycorp Hi Anatoly thank you for your feedback! Appreciated a lot! Thank you for mentioning Paul! Please email re joining. Thank you!
Yeeeah, thanks Chris! Hi Product Hunters! We're all excited about this launch. HumanIPO is a marketplace for investing in people. With our platform anyone can buy, sell and exchange human equity backed by time. We're here with our goal to help the most promising individuals to succeed and share their knowledge with their supporters. And yeah, time is the most liquid asset and talent is the new gold. Your feedback is highly appreciated! Many thanks!