Human for Slack

Take your office fitness competition to the next level

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It's pretty amazing how much cool stuff the dutch tech scene comes up with - I love Human!
@juanbuis are you going to implement this at TNW?
@juanbuis Thanks Juan! :)
@juanbuis would love for you to check out our wellness slack bot - it creates healthy habits with contextual reminders that include stretching, mindfulness, water, posture, yoga, breath and lots more , all within Slack!
Human is an all-day activity tracker that helps you understand your everyday activity by comparing you with the people around you. Track your daily activity with our iOS (download on App Store) or Android app (download on Play Store) and connect our bot with your Slack team, to start a friendly competition with your colleagues or check your own stats. This is our first stab at building a Slack integration (we love it!) and we hope to add more features in the coming days and weeks, based on early feedback. Our goal is to give more context to your everyday activity, whether that's within Human (see Human Pulse) or via existing external channels.
Finally - I can prove my team members that I am the most active in work AND fitness
Quite a cool way to get the team competing!
Very nice idea ;) Does the bot suggest challenges ?
@ch4fik Oooh, that would be awesome. Send random office challenges to get people out. We do have nudges in the app to keep you active, that trigger when you're stationary too long. Would be awesome to do that for a team too.