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After 3 years on iOS only, we're thrilled to release our all-day activity tracker for Android. Human runs in the background of your phone and automatically picks up walks, runs, and bike rides. It shows you daily activity on a map and let's you compare yourself to people around you in your city or neighborhood. Our Android version is built around a new feature, Human Pulse, and let's you compare your everyday activity to the people around you. We use our massive data set (1.5 billion activities tracked to date) to help you benchmark your own activity. See how you stack up against people nearby and in your city and see your progress throughout the day. Human Pulse will be available for iOS soon. Looking forward to your feedback & questions!
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@pveugen Finally! Couldn't be more excited about this! :)
@pveugen How does Human compare to similar apps like Fitbit or Moves ( Can I choose groups of friends who use the app to compare my activity statistics to share with?
@immatthamlin We help you understand your daily activity and create an environment that inspires people to enjoy an active lifestyle. Instead of focusing on counting steps or meticulously documenting your day, we focus on the fun of everyday activity. Minutes, not steps, because that's what we all understand. Last year our users tracked 1 Billion activities on iOS. Our first data explorations with activity data in cities ( learned us a lot and inspired us to bring your city into the app. Your activity is not so much about steps or metrics, but about motivation and exploration. What's your relation with the people around you and the environment you live in.
Very excited about this! :)
"Unfornately Human Pulse is not available at your current location, yet" Bummer... :(
@johntheoak Where do you live?
@johntheoak When more people in your city join Human, it will automatically open up. Hopefully available soon, very likely when we the iOS version is on the App Store.
@pveugen @johntheoak you could have a feature to invite friends from my city so I (and other users) can start having data to follow instead of waiting for other users, what do you think?
@pveugen @johntheoak In fact, follow the habits of my friends (not individually but those who I tag as "friend") could be interesting