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Hey all I'm one of the makers! If you have any questions let me know :) And if you want to submit articles for our newsletter tweet them to @HumanDataProj!
There's multiple things that have arisen that make this venture possible today. 1.) There are now over 100 Healthcare API's. 2.) The storage cost for 400Gb, the size of a patient's full data record, will be ~$3 in the next 2 years. 3.) The data standardization cost has decreased from $500 to $40 in the last 5 years and will continue to decrease. 4.) The frequency at which patients talk about their diseases openly online in over 400 forums related to healthcare matches up with cost. The inflection point has been reached. User behavior/motivation and UI is reasonably well established. 5.) The cost of genetic sequencing has hit the low point for this to start today. We're betting that by 2017, the cost of collecting and standardizing the patient data of the most motivated sick patients will be less than $100/patient.
Cool stuff, Brian. I love when tech people use tech for things outside of tech ;) Is there any cool backstory for what got you interested in working on this?
@angilly My co-founder @datarade had been looking at building this for over 5 years actually. After we automated @linktexting and turned down an acquisition offer, we thought long and hard about what we really wanted to do. We're both impact based people and this fit really well into wanting to do something society level impactful. My co-founder also has an un-curable condition and helping him out would be huge! So we're starting with building a community around the medical research/healthcare space then want to grow into something more :)
@blaurenceclark off topic but would love to see a blog post on that offer and why you turned it down ;)
@angilly haha we can get into that one at another time for sure :)
@angilly haha we can get into that one at another time for sure :)
@angilly If you read the first post of the humandataproject newsletter, I wrote it about 4 years ago. While I thought the technology would come around to make this viable, I didn't think human behavior of people talking about their disease online would come around.
This is a great way learn about the cool new things happening in medical research, where do you find your articles?
@mikaelastamas We've been fortunate to have a lot of young professionals in the medical space really take a liking to this right away and they've been submitting articles as well as writing their personal opinion as a summary. It's been exciting to see this type of support.
Hey Brian, This is a great project. Are you planning on creating more opinion articles? Or create an area where research is translated from scientific articles to English? I find that many of the patients I interact with are interested in what is going in research, but are not able to find the information or understand it. This newsletter is a great step forward.
@anieanne1 Absolutely on both accounts! We plan to split the newsletter into two sections: 1) A section for more popular articles that are easy to read and a snippet of our opinion on them 2) A section for scientific heavy articles and helping explain it in laymen terms! P.S. Awesome to have a cancer researcher here inputting :)