Human Cities

Real-time activity in 900 cities around the world

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Human motivates people to move 30 minutes or more every day and hosts 20,000 Human Clubs where people share their daily activity and motivate each other to get active. We want to inspire people to get active together. Every day people on Human track over 3M activities. Since we launched Human little less than 2 years ago we logged more than 1.1 Billion activities. Human Cities shows how people around the world achieve their daily goals. We keep stats for 900 cities and rank them based on overall activity, walking, cycling, running and other activity. Last year we visualized activity in 30 major cities. That was an interesting first step that gave us great insights about activity in our biggest communities and triggered interest from local municipalities, researchers, and others interested in our data. This new version of Human Cities is our first attempt in keeping real-time stats on a large scale. We want to build our community around these cities and share anonymous insights with others aiming to improve our world. We believe data can help to shape the future of our cities and create an environment that inspires people to get active.
This is incredible! Would love to see all these activity numbers in combination with other data. E.g. by adding weather data you could see if a rainy day had an influence on the time people spend outdoors running, cycling etc. PS: Added to the Quantified Self / Life Logging collection :)
This idea has been super cool since the first visualization attempts and you should be really proud of the visual and functional improvements in this iteration, @pveugen & team! We are also very proud to have @TeleportInc data integrated to provide more context of where all these people move. :)
This is awesome @pveugen, congrats! Some surprising results in there, San Francisco needs to step it up with the running :D
Looks great guys! Nice work on the design @robertvklinken. ๐Ÿ‘