Human API

Paypal for health data

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Basically; Paypal stores all your users' credit card details. Apps can then "checkout" with Paypal, to be able to charge customers, but they don't get access to the customer's credit card details etc. Paypal keeps that all secure. Similarly; Human API is a HIPAA compliant data-store for consumers' health data (collected from all their quantified self apps). Apps can integrated with just one API, to get access to all those users' health data. i.e. rather than integrating Jawbone UP's API; Withings' API; FitBit's API; Runkeeper etc. an app can just integrate one API - Human API - to get access to all that data that a customer collects.
Andrei one of the founders there is a BEAST. Super super smart and high quality executer. I expect magnificent things from Human API. The one ring to rule them all.
@_jacksmith think it makes it easier for apps that collect data to send it to multiple apps? So much potential here.
@jennalanger that's correct. works both directions