Human 6

Taking activity tracking to the next level with the iPhone 6

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We're thrilled to release Human 6, one of our biggest updates since we our first version on the App Store. We rebuilt our activity detection from the ground up for iPhones with the motion coprocessor (M7 / M8 / M9). Our new enhanced tracking is about 50% more battery efficient and on those days that you need every single percent, you can use the Low power mode to save up to 90%. In this version we revamped the timeline to get a better overview of your daily routine, rebuilt our Watch App for Watch OS2, added Spotlight search for Clubs, two amazing new themes, localized in 4 new languages, and much more. More background on the release and new features: Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions :)
@pveugen Will give it another shot - uninstalled Human the other day as it used way too much battery on my iPhone 6 (compared to moves, for example). πŸ’ͺ
@pveugen How can I learn/control what data human writes to apple health? For example, I use Strava to track my daily commute (cycling). Will both Strava and human write to apple health?
@jannis In the Health app in Sources you can set what every app should write to Health. The Health app should be smart about duplicate data, but unfortunately mixes up different sources. You can always disable Cycling distance if things would get messy. We also noticed some syncing issues with some users on the latest version, which will be fixed in the very next update. Thanks!
Awesome, I've been waiting for this! Bye bye fitbit :)
@pors Just curious- why do you prefer this over Fitbit?
Love the design, beautiful app and great improvement! KUDOS!
I loved using this app, but unfortunately had to turn it off because I noticed such an immediate drop in battery life. But, looking forward to the day where this is no longer an issue.
I used to use Human for a few months but it's frustrating when you break your streak because non-phone steps weren't counted. I used to like the active minutes count but then started actually wanting just steps because I learned how to connect step count and sleep (> 7500 steps better) and most apps rely on step count rather than active minutes. In theory minutes is more human-understandable, in practice everyone else uses steps.
@1wu Good point. We believe active minutes reflects your day better than an arbitrary step count. We focus on minutes because there's clear connection with time & schedule and it doesn't exclude other great activity that's not step based. Being based in Amsterdam, we can't just ignore our bike rides πŸ˜‰.