Human 3

Move 30 mins or more, every day (now synced w/ iOS Health)

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We've pushed out a major update to the App Store. Human now estimate how much Calories you burn with daily activity. Unlike most step counters, we don't just track walking and running, but also include calories burnt with cycling and indoor activities. We use the motion sensors of your phone to measure the intensity of your indoor activity. Human works on any iPhone with iOS7+, also devices without the M7 or M8 chip. Human is currently featured in the App Store and is one of the first apps with iOS Health sync. We sync your past 7 days of activity data to Health on iOS 8.0.2. We write Active Calories, Distance Walking + Running, Distance Cycling and individual workouts (not visible in the Health app) to HealthKit. We use your weight to calculate Calories burned. Let me know if you got any questions about our product or HealthKit.
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@pveugen Nice work on the app...looks gorgeous! I noticed you don't have an app preview in the store yet. Are you working on one? If you haven't settled on a toolset for creating one yet, we'd love to have you try out TechSmith AppShow (free in open beta):
@fosteronomo Would love to try that out. Just signed up for the beta. We just didn't have time yet to create the video. Hope to add it with one of the upcoming releases. We pushed pretty hard to get our Health sync and Today extension ready. And got some nice updates in the pipeline already.
@fosteronomo Nice work finding a problem and solving it, signed up for the beta.
@pveugen @ramykhuffash Thanks for trying out AppShow! Any thoughts on your experience so far?
@fosteronomo I've only had a brief try with it so far, but will be using it for a new video in the next few days. Can I have your email so I can contact you if I have feedback?
What Paul said. Hope you guys enjoy the app!
@renn nice job Renato and Paul!!
Great app by fellow Dutchies @pveugen and @renn. Great job on the design, and the HealthKit integration is working really well - nice USP seeing as it's one of the very few apps offering it.
Human is one of the prettiest apps I've got on my phone, and makes me obsess about how much exercise I'm getting every day. I'm stoked to see the health integration too as time goes on, should prove even stickier than it was before for me. Great job fellas, ps nice seeing you on the front page of the app store this morning.
I'm using Moves for this right now. How do you compare?
@brackin Great question, Andrew. Technology-wise, Human and Moves are very similar. Both are passive trackers. Human tends to focus more on behavioral change (making you move more), and less on keeping a diary of your whole day (locations, checkins, etc). You could even say we opted to show you a little as possible (though you can definitely dive deeper). This is working for a lot of folks, but we're still figuring out a lot ourselves. Hope that answers your question!