Human helps you move 30 minutes or more, every day.

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@pveugen Good to know! Glad it's helping people build new habits :)
Hi all, Human here. We just released a big update to our app last week. Our mission is to make it fun to move more. We build our own passive tracking technology and try to build the most simple and Human experience on top of this to make people move more. Our first version of the app has been pretty successful in triggering activity: the average user moves 40% more after 6 weeks of using the app. We believe that throwing as much data as you can at a user won't change their behavior. We try to move all data and tracking as much into the background as possible. No extensive stats, charts or tons of data. Simple, elegant game mechanics (that don't feel too 'gamey') and concrete 'prescriptive' have probably the most effective tools that we incorporated in the app.
@pveugen Hey Paul, I love Human's design, it's a great-looking app. I'm curious about your experience with retention, since one of the most common trends I've found in doing customer development around wearable fitness trackers and apps like yours is getting bored of it over time. What do you do to keep people engaged?
@BelleBCooper We're seeing some very interesting trends in our current product: sharp decline in the first 10 days and after that the retention plateaus pretty much. If people stick for about 3 weeks they continue to be very extremely loyal. So once users are building streaks and get into the rhythm of the Daily 30, it becomes a powerful habit. We're excited about next steps to broaden our scope and test sort-like simple concepts.
Great app, but after using it for just 5 days I realized it is a consistent battery drain. I could always get through the day on one charge, but not with Human running. Had to disable :/