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Hey! I'm Kevin – the founder of Huma. We built Huma to help students find graduate jobs they'll love, in companies that will love them. We believe that to successfully hire graduate talent you need to understand their potential and look beyond a degree or minimal work experience. Students build profiles that are better than any resume and we match them to the companies and jobs that they're a great fit for. On the flip side we help companies make impactful hires that are here to stay :-)
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@iamkevinholler this is great. Will you expand it to fresh graduates from law school?
@botolo86 Hey Aaron, thanks! We're focusing on tech while we roll out Huma across the US, but law and finance are definitely areas we'll be looking at beyond tech :-)
@iamkevinholler Great, feel free to get in touch in the future. I am in law school admissions. Also, it would be fantastic to include an option for LLM (Master of Laws) students. After the LLM, they get OPT which allows them to work in the US for one year.
@botolo86 Brilliant, that's really helpful feedback. I'll reach out once we're ready to start looking into the legal sector. Thanks Aaron
We've been using Huma at MiniCorp to hire into our company and so far had a 100% success rate. Could not recommend this platform highly enough if you are looking for great talent and don't want to spend large amounts of time interviewing. Huma has gotten it right for us every time.
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Huma is focussed on matching actual people and their potential with the jobs they'll be great for, as opposed to what they think they'll be great for!Best of luck to Kevin and the team, a great group of operators!
Great approach to a common problem, are you targeting remote employers as well?
@piero_ruiz Thanks Pedro! Not yet – we've just made Huma for Companies available in Dublin, San Francisco and Los Angeles and will be expanding to more cities as we grow. Do you hire graduates for remote positions?
As a college senior looking for design/multimedia/writing jobs (hint hint), I'm psyched for this! Two bits of constructive feedback: There are some key software types missing to list under "Skills"—most notably, InDesign and UI Design (which seem like natural additions given that Photoshop, Illustrator and Web Design are all already included). Also, the mobile setup is pretty messy right now—I'm on an iPhone 6, and it's awkward at best in landscape and unusable in portrait). I imagine you all have a lot on your plate, but I wanted to give you a heads-up! This is definitely something I'll be sharing with my friends 🙂
@maxwellhallel Great to hear Maxwell, thanks for taking the time to give us feedback! Skills – You can add new skills too. We try to suggest skills based on the work types you selected to help get you started but we're not limited to those. We do our best to approve new skills people add, e.g. InDesign, so that they become available as suggestions for everyone. This is a UX issue by the sounds of it – we'll work on making this clear! Mobile – Yes, it's a hot mess. We're shovelling more coal on the fires and should have a mobile responsive version ready to roll in the coming month or so.