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Hullabalu uses technology to create the next generation interactive stories for kids. Hullabalu just graduated Techstars NYC. Their first story series, featuring Pan the purple panda, has hit #1 in Books in 38 countries. Over 150,000 kids play in Hullabalu’s world and use their apps every month.
I'm digging the art style. I'm curious to hear the design decisions behind this. Care to share, @suzannexie? Here are a few other book-related kid products recently posted: - EPIC - Netflix for kids books - Caribu - So your kids never miss another storytime cc @SiDhanak
Thanks @rrhoover! We design everything in house with our own artists and engineers. Our team is especially excited about creating original content with characters and stories that we write ourselves. We make the scenes as engaging and immersive as possible to bring the kids into our world. The main characters are also mapped to important values like courage, perseverance and integrity. The creative team storyboards, has writing sessions, and brings kids in for feedback (which is always fun!). Each book goes through many iterations before the final product.