An integrated scratchpad for PHP

HugoBot is a VS Code extension that let's you run your PHP code and watch the output in front of you beside your code without having to leave the editor. It is good for easier debugging, quick prototyping and performance measuring. We are working on preparing the plugins for other editors and IDEs, feedback and feature requests are welcome.

This is super cool man! Any plan for PHPStorm extension?
Thank you @csaba_kissi. Making it for PHPStorm is on top of my priority list as I use it quite often and hope to release it in the next few weeks.
@csaba_kissi @ziishaned I’m in when the phpstorm version is out.
@ziishaned Thank you. Will wait for that!
Hi Hunters, Zeeshan from HugoBot here 👋. I am a fullstack developer and for the backend development, I work with PHP alot. Most of my time while I am prototyping something, working on some project or just want to tinker with some snippet to see the output, I had to go through the hassle of saving the script, opening my terminal and running the code from there which was a little time taking and annoying if you have to do that a lot. So I came up with this idea to build an extension for VS Code that can run my PHP code on the go and show me the output right beside my code without ever having to leave the editor. Hugobot allows me to run my code and see the output right beside the code, all I have to do is just hit some keystrokes and the output will be shown. I have been working on the product for the past couple of months and I am excited to share it with you all. I would love for you to take it for a test drive and leave your comments, feedback, feature requests and questions here. Happy to answer any questions that you might have. PS. the extension is only available for VS Code currently, but our team is working hard to make it available for the other editors and IDEs - you will soon be able to use it on Sublime Text and IntelliJ. Stay tuned! Thanks
I like this Extension. PHP is my fav Backend Language even for Our company applications.
What if it's a irreversible snippet like a mysql delete clause. Does it execute that too?