Huger Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboard: 25 mph, 20 mi range, waterproof, & more

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Hey Hunters! I am excited to celebrate the launch of Huger Boards with all of you. Huger is everything you wanted in an electric skateboard, with three incredible models to choose from: The Racer Board hits speeds up to 25 mph. The Travel Board goes up to 22 miles on a single charge. The Classic Board is under 9 pounds. Get the extra power you need to go up hills. Quick swap batteries get you back on the road in under 60 seconds. Industry-leading torque control. IPX6 Waterproof Motors. Durable materials. Powerful hub motors. Our mission is to get skaters to travel faster, ride farther, and save money. Be amongst the first to experience Huger Boards, and check them out at to learn more and pre-order. We've got a few early bird discounts running, so be sure to head to to get the best pre-order deals. We are excited to hear what you think. Drop us a comment here! Henry, Marketing Director
@henrynlocke You guys packed a lot of great stuff into this board. I've had my E-Go for years and ride it almost daily, but technology has gone a long way since then. Dual hub motors. Awesome awesome. Waterproof! Love that I won't have to worry about puddles or getting caught in the rain. it's bad enough getting rained on, don't want to have to worry about my board. Horn on the controller. This probbaly seems small, but in NYC people literally don't look when crossing a bike path. I don't want to yell at people, and whistling seems odd and rude, but a little *beep* to get their attention will be awesome. Swappable batteries. I dislike thinking about how far I'm going and if I need to bring my charger and how long I'll need to let it re-juice. Putting an extra battery in my backpack will cure that anxiety.
Great specs on this. Love the replaceable battery, and it being waterproof is awesome! Most boards stress that any water can destroy the motor, preventing you from taking a ride if there's a chance of rain, and for hours after rain since everything is still wet.
@kristofertm Thanks for sharing some great information! We are bringing high quality, cutting edge technology boards at a super affordable price!
The product is awesome! Extra power to travel wherever you want. Its exactly what everyone wants. I am a great lover of skateboards. We should be let to skate all day, anywhere. Its a good sport and it helps you keep sane. I collect a lot of skateboards and I got one recently from You should definitely check them out.They are supercool skateboards.
I don’t know where to buy from tell me where to buy