Hug Your Haters

The first book on customer service disruption

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Seriously not a single link on the site on how to buy the book? I could search on Amazon myself, but you could help a bit :-)
@boetter Thanks good call. Will add. We were selling directly on the site until very recently.
@jaybaer I found it and ordered on Amazon in the meantime, good luck with everything!
@boetter many thanks!
Really? "The only modern book on customer service"
@david_diam I wasn't familiar with this book. Thanks for the heads up. Downloading now. And no offense intended, but I wasn't really thinking PDFs that are more content marketing initiatives.
@david_diam and since I'm an investor in your company, I hope you'll give the book a chance before dismissing it.
Cool, haven't dismissed it just wanted to point it out
Was lucky enough to get an advanced copy. love this book. Can't recommend it highly enough. It's either going to transform everything you do or help you defend your instincts, or both!