A tool to create color palettes through your images

HueSnap is a product that allows you to grab colors from your uploaded images and create beautiful palettes to share with creatives just like you.

Like some colors from an existing palette but want to tweak it? We make it easy to modify and save over existing palettes without affecting the original palette submitted by someone else.

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Hello Product Hunt! We're really excited to share with you a color tool we've been working on the past half year. Born out of conversations with different people, we found that there was a need to create something to bridge the gap between grabbing colors in the real world and being able to apply that to digital projects. Or if you're simply a fan of creating gorgeous color palettes to share with others as inspiration, that's cool too :) HueSnap is a color sharing community for creatives focused on allowing users to create palettes through snapping colors from images. It makes it easy for you to grab the color codes to be used in your projects as well as modify existing palettes to be re-shared as new palettes. Still a new product in the making with more features in our pipeline, we're looking to learn how we can improve on it! Subscribe to our ProductHunt page and be updated when we announce new features :)
@degravitate congrats on the launch, this is so useful! When browsing on 'explore', is there a way to see the original picture from where other people's palettes came from?
@graeme_fulton Thanks Graeme! This is actually a feature that we have in the pipeline. We think it'd be cool to show users what artwork/design work inspired the palette as well as versioning of the palette as it gets modified by different people each time :)
@tcodinat thank you for the kind words Toni, we're really excited to see what palettes you come up with! We're still in "beta" and have more features in the pipeline that we think would make it a fun and easy way to create palettes so stick around and we hope to hear what you think of it then :)
@degravitate Great tool - though a little confused on why you are showing a mobile demo when this is a web app? I tested your platform and your privacy policy but I could not see anything about what you do in terms of images that are uploaded? And I also read here you are considering making the images available to show the design/art work that inspired the palette - I hope that will be optional for reasons of privacy
@krishnade Thanks for the feedback and questions! The mobile demo is actually a of the webapp. When the site is saved as a bookmark shortcut to your home screen, it looks like that. Also in terms of the images that are used for color grabbing, it's only loaded into the browser on the clients' computer and never uploaded into our server in any form. As for the images that come attached with the palette, we have been discussing it and we definitely agree that it's going to be optional to the user if they choose to upload the image the palette is inspired by!

really fast and easy to build up a colour pallette from your camera, no matter what device


Really intuitive and works on any platform


None really

Thank you for the positive feedback Graeme! Always exciting to hear what people think of your product. We're looking to add more features to make the experience much easier :)
I like it so much.
@kirstenjeniffer Thank you Kristen, we're glad you like it as much as we do! Definitely still a product that's growing so stick around for updates as we add more features :)
Amazing! And just the perfect timing, I'm starting a new project this weekend and I need a color scheme 🙌
@razvanilin Thank you Razvan! Always excited to see people using our product. We look forward to hearing about how HueSnap has helped you with your project + seeing your shared color palettes :)

I like that it is easy to access from a simple URL, no cross platform issues.


Simple to use, great UI and well thought out



Thank you for the kind words! 😊