The most lightweight color picker for Mac ever

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I use ColorSnapper and love it. Not sure I can justify the $2.99 to switch.. It really does look super nice, though.
I use DigitalColor Meter, which is on most Macs for free. Any reason to switch to this?
@FrankDenbow only reason i can see is this gives you hex but... for $3 I realy don't need it
@FrankDenbow, one killer feature is that it copies the color right to your clipboard. And will show the value right as a hexstring. So if you need that, I recommend!
Love that you have control over the output! I currently use Frank DeLoupe (an interestingly-named color picker) that sits in your menu bar:
@thomasmeagher Somewhat similar to Sip, which I have been using for about a year. Really recommended.