Sync your Hue lights to Spotify's now playing cover art. sets your Philips Hue lights to colors found in the cover art of what's playing on Spotify. Requires a Philips Hue Bridge, Hue color lights, and Spotify Premium.
Lots of Hue integrations with audio sources use the beat of the song to change the light colors. But I wanted something that worked in the background, like bias lighting but for sound. I couldn't find anything I wanted, so I made it. This is a fun experiment for now, but I welcome feedback and feature requests!
@cvalleskey very subtle and great for ambient lighting. Nice!
When the next song comes on then all the lights go to 50%. It is supposed to do that? I feel that are kind of annoying... Besides that, i really like the idea and would love it if it came to smart TVs or Chromecast and maybe if the light would move wavey to the playing music👍🏽😄
@oliver_bunk Thank you for trying it out! That shouldn't be happening. I'll run some tests. It should default to 50% brightness for enabled lights, but that can be changed with the number keys. The plan is to make it a native app that works in the background. Thank you for the feedback on cycling colors!
Authorised the app, but on re-direct it shows "Error with Spotify response."
@risiofficial Hmm... that shouldn't be happening! Thanks for trying it out. I'll look into it.
Please add yeelight support:)