Hue Match

Show colors on your Apple TV that match your Hue lights

Hue Match shows colors on your TV that sync to your Hue lights. Select multiple lights for a beautiful gradient or tap through individual lights. An amazing addition to any room that has Hue lights.

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Usually I’d have the standard Apple TV screensavers playing in the background when my Hue lights are on and thought it’d be awesome if my TV could live match the colors in my room. It’s great during a party, give it a try this weekend! Thanks for checking it out! Edit: If you’d like to be a part of the TestFlight beta, it's now available at (no need to email)
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You are such an Apple fan boy...
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Just set up Hues around my living room. This completes my setup!


So simple and does just what it promises!



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I'd love to have this the other way around, switch my Hue lights to whatever Apple TV is currently showing.
Love this concept!