Hue - Color and Fonts for iMessages

Pick text & bubble colors. "The Geocities of iMessage Apps"

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I decided to take a crack at an iMessage-only app. I wanted to keep the bubbles looking like the normal Message bubbles, but allow you to pick colors. The text gets smaller as you type more characters, up to a max of 90. Product Hunters feel free to hit me up at if you'd like a promo code. Have fun!
@dubyaemdee does it send an image or editable/copyable text?
@chrismessina Hey Chris! Both, actually. The bubble is an image, but if you tap any Color message (sent or received), it'll open the app and load that message under the "Last selected message:" header. There I actually use a selectable TextView where you can select and copy the text. The size of the text in the selectable TextView is sometimes smaller than the resulting images you see. I'm still trying to get it to match 100%, but the app was functional so I went ahead and released.
Many thanks to @rrhoover for the stupendous quote that is now featured in the tagline. Source:
Whipped up a video showing how the app works. Some first-time iMessage app users can get confused when it doesn't show up after installation. Apple really needs to refine this process.
Happy Holidays! This little app was updated to add many, many more colors (see new screenshots) and a nice little option to "gift wrap" a message.
"[gasp]! He changed the name! How could he?!" Because it was pretty shortsighted to choose such a generic name as "Color". The app was near impossible to find in App Store search results. So now it's less generic. We'll see if the new name ("Hue", if you couldn't tell) does any better. I also added support for changing the message font (see the new screenshots). Have fun! As always, Product Hunters can send me an email for a promo code!