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@shyjal seems that designers stole designs πŸ˜‰
@shyjal @csaba_kissi that's how you keep design costs this cheap ;)
@shyjal It's like a cross between Algolia and Stripe
@shyjal I noticed the same background on my PH "New tab" extension. Checked their website - half of the website is copy pasta from Algolia. If it was a design-unrelated product I'd say "well happens", but this company is offering graphic design work, or, copies. As Trump would say: "Sad".
Welcome to the game @brettwill1025 ! If you have any questions on building your productized graphic design empire, reach out to me personally - – also, make sure you get signed up for – it's going to be exactly what you'll need to manage the backend of your experience without having to hack together tools or custom build your own.
@russperry Thanks Russ! We really appreciate you reaching out and offering your support. Means the world! Oh, and we will definitely be checking out Jar! Looks super awesome! Congrats on that!
Hello Product Hunt! I'm Brett, founder of Hue. Our mission is simple. We built Hue to make professional graphic design accessible to everyone, big and small. Hue is a subscription based graphic design service offering unlimited tasks for one flat monthly cost. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. πŸ˜‰
@brettwill1025 Hello Brett, I have some questions about your service: 1) When I purchase a plan, there's no guarantee on how many hours / month your designer will work for me? 2) Is one designer working for multiple clients or is she exclusively working only for one client? 3) Will I as a client be in direct touch with the designer or is there some project manager involved? 4) I can use only email to communicate with the designers, or is some IM (Skype, Slack,...) possible as well? 5) Where are your designers based (country, continent, timezone,...)?
@agilek 1) You're right. Depending on the complexity of the tasks, different users will get different amounts of work done each month. However, we work on your tasks every day. 2) We try to keep our designer network growing parallel to our client network. So it is possible that your designer will indeed be working on other client's work as well, but will never find themselves overwhelmed or behind on work. We take care of that issue before it ever occurs. 3) Each account has a project manager that filters information down to the designer. The designer is available to you if you ever need to communicate directly to them, however. 4) We like to keep communication lose, within reason. We understand that although email works great with some clients, Slack works better for others. We address those instances on a case by case basis. 5) Our designers are based all around the world.
@agilek 's question led me to think about one aspect as well. IRL, if one freelancer designer works well with you and you two hit it off, then you typically go back to the same designer. Do you see this working with Hue as well? Not all designers at Hue would work the same way and it is likely that particular customers would want to work with particular designers again and again (also because the designer "understood" their thesis correctly once). How do you handle this / plan to handle this?
@agilek @dotmanish Another great question! With Hue, you get a dedicated designer, so you will always work with the same one. There are many benefits to this as you stated. Consistency is key.
Any e example designs?
Umm... so I signed up to try it out and there's no way to send design requests. I just get sent to a Plasso account screen. Help?
@joshuapinter Hi Joshua - sorry for the confusion. As stated on our homepage as well as the welcome email you should have received, tasks are submitted via email. We're sorry you didn't catch that. :)
@joshuapinter @brettwill1025 Maybe because it's really hard to catch. You should at least send a welcome email explaining how to use the service.
@vladzima Hi Vladislav, if you would read my response again, we do. πŸ˜€
@vladzima @brettwill1025 Was able to get in touch with Lauren at Hue and figure out. There was an issue with how Plasso was redirecting as well. All good. Sent off our first design request. Thanks for the support!
@joshuapinter Thanks Joshua! We look forward to working together!