Hudly Wireless

Next gen head-up display that casts anything on your phone

Drive smarter with a head-up display, a safer way to get directions, calls and texts without taking your eyes off the road. Customize your drive by wirelessly casting your favorite apps like Waze and Google Maps onto the clear display.

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Eric from Hudly here. We're excited to bring Hudly Wireless into the hands of drivers around the world. If you've ever fumbled with your phone while driving, Hudly Wireless is for you. Driving is a visual and cognitive intensive task so taking your eyes off the road is the last thing you want to do. HUDs were invented during WWII so jet pilots could safely read instrument data while flying. We've brought these same concepts to our head-up display to make driving safer. Hudly Wireless is the second HUD we’re bringing to market. We’ve taken feedback from our first generation and made key improvements. We now offer wireless casting from your phone and a larger, sharper display that can be viewed by everyone in the car. We're also developing our own driving app that will be optimized for use on a HUD. Check us out on Kickstarter and thanks for your support! Look forward to hearing what everyone thinks.
Finally! Much needed product.
This looks great, and I love the price that you’re offering this at. How does this product differ from Navdy?
@peterdenatale The biggest differentiator would be the ability to mirror your phone. With Navdy you couldn't use your familiar Waze or Google maps to navigate. Also, with a flat combiner our image looks much sharper with a wider viewing angle. All of our footage and images are from our product and you can see just how good it looks.
I believe this class of products is a distraction, based on a false premise that one needs to see the entire map (or any other UI for that matter) all the time right in the center of their FOV. So while I genuinely admire people who do hardware, in this particular case the less people will have it, the safer roads will be. An $10 smartphone vent mount does the job better and gives a much safer experience and better contrast ratio when driving in the sun.
@igorafanasyev1 One huge benefit of HUDs is the way it uses the optical properties of light (optical collimation) to display images in the distance. When you're looking at your phone 1 foot in front of you, your situation awareness is impacted not to mention that you will be angling your head down and away from the road. If you didn't get a chance yet, take a look at our Kickstarter as it has a short explanation about optical collimation and how HUDs can make drivers safer.
This looks great. Great video too, one of my biggest questions was how you guys dealt with bright driving experiences. I do like the idea of having it as a 2nd screen too for the apps that you control. I don't see any mention of battery life, but they do mention that it plugs in to the 12V, so I guess that's the normal mode of operation.
@paulsavage Great question. On our combiner, there is an optical grade coating which improves the visibility of the display while maintaining a very clear screen. Also, we use your cars 12V cigarette lighter port as the bright screen needs a good power source to be bright enough to see through bright driving experiences!